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Since 2013 Studio D has been helping a wide range of organizations meet communication objectives on time and on budget through a wide range of projects varying from traditional print, web, social media and more. Some of our clients include:


  • Branding

    We create strong brands through visual design. We want your customers to recognize your brand where ever it exists and feel proud to be involved with you.

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    A solid brand also extends
    well beyond the boundaries
    of visual design. Every interaction between
    company, product or service and a client creates a brand impression. Studio D can help you navigate all customer experience scenarios with creative problem solving.

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  • Design

    With a decade and a half of graphic design experience, Studio has done a little bit of everything. We can design from scratch or work with existing brands.

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    Studio D designs logos, websites, business cards, ads both digital and print, annual reports, posters, catalogs, flyers, post cards, promotional material, signage, displays, presentations and more.

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  • Strategy

    A great brand and design is birthed from a foundation of purposeful thought. We love being involved from the start of a brand to tell an effective story.

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    Studio D can come along side your organization at the early stages of brand or campaign development and talk through idea generation which include but is not limited to naming, tagline generation, customer experience, mission and vision casting, goal setting and more.

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  • Writing

    The saying that a picture is worth one thousand words is true. However a picture all on it’s own very rarely gets the job done. We can fill in those blanks.

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    Our copywriting offering includes things that assist in driving home the concept that is delivered by the design. This includes tagline generation, headline and light to medium length copywriting.

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Studio D is based out of London Ontario but has worked with clients internationally.

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